[p4] Right-click in Windows Explorer prompts for Perforce password, even before I select a Perforce operation

EliGo perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Mon Aug 22 06:00:01 PDT 2016

Posted on behalf of forum user 'EliGo'.

I'm having the same issue and more.

a] on regular OS right clikc (where i have copy past, play with media player,
send to, rename, properties and such)
b] P4V version: Perforce Visual Client/NTX64/2014.2/951414
c] yes I am. (when uninstall it from 'Programs and Features' ->
change -> Modify -> this feature will not be installed and will be
uninstalled if already installed) the problem is gone
d] i open my computer, go to c drive, on any folder i right click im getting
this message. If i go into any folder, and right click any file the message also

and if we are already talking, after i install Perforce i cannot open computer
management and i have to open cmd and type: compmgmt.msc.


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