[p4] P4Merge "Previous diff" and "Next diff" arrows always active, even when no diff

AlanF perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Wed Aug 24 11:20:01 PDT 2016

Posted on behalf of forum user 'AlanF'.

I realized that it's just the case where there's exactly one diff that
no deactivation of the "Previous diff" and "Next diff"
arrows occurs. For instance, if there are two diffs, the "Previous
diff" arrow is disabled when you're at the first diff, the "Next
diff" arrow is disabled when you're at the last diff, and both arrows
are active at other times.

Perhaps someone figured that when there's one diff, it makes sense to define
both "Previous diff" and "Next diff" as pointing to that one
diff. Thus, both arrows are enabled, but neither of them does anything. I would
have preferred a different approach: turn off both the "Previous diff"
and "Next diff" arrows. But I can see arguments for setting it up the
way it is. In any case, now that I've figured out what's going on,
I'll just remember to look at the number of diffs as well as the arrows, and
remember that if there's only one diff, the arrows will not do anything,
even though they're not grayed out.

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