[p4] Changed P4EDITOR, now can't save any changes

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Thu Aug 25 08:15:01 PDT 2016

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Ah, consulting the Command Reference I see that on Windows we use vi as the
default if SHELL is set to a value, so I assume SHELL has a value and that's
why we use vi when P4EDITOR is unset.

I'll have to download notepad++ at some point and experiment with it -- it
sounds like it has some atypical behaviors (appending .txt automatically, and
from your last message it sounds like under some circumstances it might fork and
return before you're actually done editing the file), but maybe there are
command line flags or settings that will make it more typical.

Try doing this -- run the "p4" commands exactly as typed here.

p4 set P4EDITOR=notepad
p4 user
(modify something, like your FullName or Email)
(hit Ctrl-S)
(hit Alt-F4)

You mentioned earlier running "p4 user test", which is an example of a
command that would probably bring up a read-only form (and that would in turn
cause your editor to do things like prompt you for a different filename if you
try to save).  Running "p4 user" with no arguments will edit
your current user spec.

Note that your user spec, workspace definition, and most other metadata is saved
on the server, not on the client, so uninstalling and reinstalling your client
won't endanger any of that information.  Your client-side settings
for the CLI are mostly what's visible when you run "p4 set", as
well as a couple of authentication-related files like your tickets file (view
that with "p4 tickets") and possibly a trust file ("p4 trust
-l").  P4V has its own client-side settings, which I think are
all contained in the .p4qt directory.

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