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Tue Aug 30 15:45:01 PDT 2016

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TomYeti, on 2016/08/30 20:02:16 UTC, said:
>    Perforce has a specific way it wants me to interact with my workspace. Perforce making lots of things read-only really F**ks with Unity's ability to update and compile new packages.
It sounds like you might want to use the "allwrite" workspace option
to make everything writable and use the "p4 reconcile" command to open
files after you've modified (or added or deleted them).  This will
make the workflow closer to what you're used to.

The benefits of doing it the standard Perforce way with "p4 edit" etc
are first that it makes everything faster (reconcile needs to do digest
verification across your entire workspace to figure out what you've changed,
whereas if you just say what file(s) you're editing it's instantaneous),
and second that your teammates know immediately that you're working on the
file, which can sometimes head off the need to resolve conflicts
later.  In cases where it's not possible to explicitly check files
out before working on them, though, allwrite/reconcile might be the better

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