[p4] Recovery of Dropbox Perforce Repository

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Wed Mar 1 02:50:01 PST 2017

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Dear Sambwise

The original machine crashed; Perforce was working up till then.

I didn't delete anything in step 4: I was simply saying that when I went to
delete the depot, I got warnings that showed Perforce was aware of other

And you are right: I was confusing the depot's map and P4ROOT. The reason I
had to do this is that I had to tell P4Admin where the versioned files were. I
used p4 info to check where P4ROOT is, and p4 depot -o to verify that the map
pointed to the versioned files.

I tried to reconstruct the metadata in P4ROOT from the slightly out of date
checkpoint I had using my step number 7 I described yesterday: I wasn't
putting the metadata in P4ROOT, so I was hopeful I might have some luck.

However, after all this, I still have an empty repository. I'm guessing that
somehow my checkpoint didn't include the right info, although I thought I
had done a p4 -q verify on it.

I have been able to reconstruct the latest version of my project from a backup
of my workspace, which is the main thing I need, but it seems I have lost my
versioning history. This has really shattered my confidence in Perforce: I have
used it for over 15 years and loved it, although mostly as a client and only
began administrating when I left my former employer to work for myself. For the
moment, I am going to keep my project in Visual Studio Team Services until I can
work out what the hell I've screwed up with Perforce usage. I need to
simulate a crash and make sure I can recover in full before I rely on it again,
but that will have to be later when I have more time. I simply thought that
backing the metadata up with a checkpoint and the versioned files were all that
one needed to get back on track after a crash.

Anyhow, many thanks for your help.

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