[p4] One to Many Imports?

Michael Mirman Michael.Mirman at mathworks.com
Wed Mar 1 03:30:20 PST 2017

I prefer symlinks for a few reasons.
Mostly, because I believe Perforce behaves much better when there is one-to-one mapping *both* ways.
IOW, if I give a depot path to "p4 where" I will get the same result as if I give it an OS path.
When there is an ambiguity, in some cases the system behaves as we expect; in others - it doesn’t (think "p4 add local-file" when this file is mapped to multiple depot locations).

With streams, remapping can be done with virtual streams, but I would stay away from multiple mappings to the same depot location. IMHO, symlinks are so much better, if they work for you (they don't for Windows users).

Michael Mirman
MathWorks, Inc.

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We have users at our site that for various reasons have need to have files from
another depot show up in more than one location in their local streams. We are
seeing that imports do not allow files to be imported more than once to two
different locations. Are imports really a one-to-one relationship?

What would the Helix mindset way be of accomplishing this? Import the file once
and then check in a symlink object for the other? Some thing else? We've
been trying to steer away from symlinks as a matter of policy just for
simplicity sake but don't really want to have some system of bat files to
accomplish this.

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