[p4] Recovery of Dropbox Perforce Repository

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Wed Mar 1 15:15:01 PST 2017

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"p4 verify" doesn't do anything to your checkpoint -- if you want
to double check it I'd just open it up in a text editor and eyeball it
(there should be a LOT of ASCII data in there, including the names of all the
files you've ever submitted to Perforce).  If your checkpoint is
empty or very small, you probably checkpointed the wrong directory.

All of the metadata for the Perforce server is contained in the db.* files
(which are what the checkpoint is a backup mechanism for).  If those
were in your Dropbox on the old machine they're probably still in Dropbox
somewhere as long as you didn't delete them too long ago -- if your
checkpoint is bad I'd try to figure out ASAP where the original db.* files
went so you can get them back.  Empty db.* files are something like
16K in size; if your P4ROOT directory contains a bunch of empty db.* files it
means they were deleted (or were never there) and the server initialized P4ROOT
with new ones on startup (or when you recovered from an empty checkpoint).

To get a functioning server, you need to start a p4d instance (or Perforce
service if you're on Windows) with P4ROOT set to the directory where your
db.* files live.  If your P4ROOT was in Dropbox, and the depot Maps
were all subdirectories of P4ROOT rather than absolute locations elsewhere, all
you should have needed to do is:

net stop Perforce p4 set -S Perforce P4ROOT=C:\Users\me\Dropbox\p4root net start
The only thing you should have needed to tell P4Admin is the address of the
server (e.g. localhost:1666).  All the other information is in the
db.* files, which are in the P4ROOT directory, which was in your Dropbox --

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