[p4] Recovery of Dropbox Perforce Repository

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Wed Mar 1 17:10:01 PST 2017

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Yep, that backup/recovery description sounds about right.

Putting the db files in Dropbox seems like it should work in principle as long
as you're not trying to run the server in more than one place at once, but
locking contention is a good point -- with a small server it'd probably work
all right, but the Dropbox client would be reading and uploading the files each
time they changed, so as the db files got bigger you'd start seeing some
slowdown as Perforce waited on Dropbox to finish uploading the last batch of
updates in real time.  The archive files are more spread out and less
frequently accessed/modified so contention isn't as big of an issue there.

Checkpointing to the Dropbox folder seems like a good way to go.  You
can have the checkpoints get created there directly by running something like:

p4 admin checkpoint C:\Users\me\Dropbox\checkpoints

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