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Tue Mar 7 01:25:01 PST 2017

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Alright. Thank you. Really helpful community so far!

So, I wrote p4 typemap in cmd, and added this to the temp file that opened:
TypeMap :
+S3 //depot/....uasset
+S3 //depot/....umap

But I don't see any changes yet. There is still files with 4 revisions. Do I
need to do something else before it applies? Or make it more specific? (I only
have one server running)

And +S3, will that keep three extra revisions or current with two backup?
And is it possible to check for prefixes on files when adding this typemaps?
Like texture files will look T_....uasset and really only need the latest
version on server as they will have their original on my comp, so can I filter
them out?

I am working in Unreal Engine and in my project these files can easily eat a lot
of space, there being a lot of them and some being more than 25 mb each (will
probably get bigger, and there will be more soon), depot is already more than
7GB and that is with an average of two revisions...

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