[p4] Reduce HD space

Michael Mirman Michael.Mirman at mathworks.com
Tue Mar 7 07:49:05 PST 2017

The count (S3) starts only after the file type changes. It does not work retroactively (it's against the SCM philosophy).
If you want to remove (physically) old revisions, your only option is obliterate.

Some SCM admins philosophically object to this approach. I used to object to it, too, but finally outgrew this feeling. :-)

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> Alright. Thanks for the quick respons.
> I actually fixed it and was about to remove the "cry post" when I saw
> the new post.
> I went and set the p4config to the one for the workspace which automatically
> set
> it as active client.
> I am able to change all the files, but there is still more than 3 revisions.
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> Anything else I need to do to update it?
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