[p4] Reduce HD space

Michael Mirman Michael.Mirman at mathworks.com
Tue Mar 7 08:47:19 PST 2017

I'm not sure what 3/3 or 3/6 are in this message.
If I have #1-#6 of a file, I can obliterate any of those revisions, say, #1-#3, leaving #4-#6 intact.
That's from Perforce POV, of course.
Our users don’t like "holes" in the history, so we have a convention not to obliterate "in the middle" (or for that matter, sources of integrations). But that's only because we don’t like it - Perforce would happily obliterate anything. :)

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> I think the quickest way here is to remove the whole server and reinstall and
> set the new typemap to -S3 before adding anything new.
> From what I can see in Obliterate, you cannot remove every rev lower then
> three
> from(and including latest) without checking each file before. I wouldn't
> want to remove 3/3, but want to remove 3/6, keeping top three. Or am I
> wrong?
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