[p4] Visual Studio 2017 has been released. When can we expect the plugin?

p4rfong perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Wed Mar 8 09:55:01 PST 2017

Posted on behalf of forum user 'p4rfong'.

We are working on Visual Studio 2017, but we don't have a release date
yet.  I'd like you to try a possible workaround if you are getting
a "This extension is already installed to all applicable products"

-  Download p4vs11.vsix from our ftp site
-  Rename p4vs11.vsix to p4vs11.zip
-  Double click on the p4vs11.zip file
-  From the p4vs11.zip folder, copy the extension.vsixmanifest file to your
-  Edit your Desktop extension.vsixmanifest file by replacing
  Version="14.0" with Version="15.0"
-  Copy back your modified extension.vsixmanifest file to the p4vs11.zip folder
-  Rename p4vs11.zip to p4vs11.vsix

After double-clicking your modified p4vs11.vsix file, see if the installation of
P4VS works.

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