[p4] p4 ldap on CentOS7

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Thu Mar 9 02:15:01 PST 2017

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Hi Jatha,

I've already tried that, but it comes back with Invalid Credentials:

[gavram at cosbilskirnir ~]# p4 -p 2334 ldap -t domainoncorp\\theuser 
Enter password:
Authentication as theuser failed with realm domainoncorp. Reason: Invalid
[gavram at cosbilskirnir ~]#

Verified the credentials, they're good.
What's frustrating about this is that there's a server running on RHEL7,
which is configured the exact same way and doesn't have this issue. Not sure
if my distro is missing something or not. But they both pretty much have the
same list of packages.


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