[p4] p4 ldap on CentOS7

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Fri Mar 10 04:25:01 PST 2017

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Hi p4rfong,

I went ahead and removed the SearchbaseDN and GroupbaseDN and it is now working.
The new ldap config looks like:

Name:   thisdomainldap

Host:   domainoncorp.corp.resolvesok.com

Port:   636

Encryption: ssl

BindMethod: sasl

Options:     nodowncase nogetattrs realminusername

SearchScope:    subtree

GroupSearchScope:    subtree

What I fail to understand is why those weren't working. The configuration
was exactly the same on the RHEL server, and that one was working without issue.
I'll need to investigate further and see what was wrong with GroupBaseDN and
For now this is working.
I'll post back if I find out why those aren't working with this server.
Thanks for your help  :)

Kind Regards

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