[p4] Can only connect to server via localhost, IP times out

mrshmid perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Fri Mar 10 17:05:01 PST 2017

Posted on behalf of forum user 'mrshmid'.

User name: mrshmid
Client name: Shmidinator3000
Client host: SHMIDINATOR3000
Client root: c:\Users\[username]
Current directory: c:\Users\[username]
Peer address:
Client address:
Server address: SHMIDINATOR3000:1666
Server root: F:\Perforce\Server
Server date: 2017/03/10 16:59:53 -0800 Pacific Standard Time
Server uptime: 03:39:58
Server version: P4D/NTX64/2016.2/1487173 (2017/02/14)
Server license: none
Case Handling: insensitive

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