[p4] perforce prevents VS solution loading

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Thu Mar 16 10:20:01 PDT 2017

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Well. as I say, regardless of what the possible issue with perforce (AFAIK we
run some jobs daily that slowdown perforce server at 10pm) the point is clear:
no matter what happens perforce extensions should not block VS, there is no
discussions needed here. Every time when I try to edit any code in Visual Studio
between 10PM and 10:15pm (time when something needs to be done urgently perhaps)
P4 SCM plugin in VS perhaps tries to checkout that file that I try to edit and
this blocks entire VS, e.g. Visual Studio becomes totally unresponsive for 10-15
minutes! That's the whole point I'm trying to make: it's
irrelevant what happened with P4 server, no need to try to resolve that. P4VS or
P4 SCM plugin for visual studio should never block. And regarding where problem
can be: problem is in P4 code. P4VS blocks visual studio, P4 SCM blocks visual
studio, P4V stops working (well, without P4 server answering it shouldn't
work) but it starts taking 100% CPU until P3 server gets back to normal. When
that happens I hear across the office from different direction "WTF?!
Do you you have perforce issues", and I work on two PCs at the same time
and I get identical issue on both of them.

IMO, if I was working on VS team, I'd add code to see if any plugin blocks
VS gui the way P4VS does and I'd show a nice dialog saying that "the
extension is malfunctioning, do you want to disable it?"

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