[p4] Newly-slow checkpoints

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Thu Mar 16 13:55:01 PDT 2017

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Twenty two minutes. How quaint!  :)

I can't overstate the importance and convenience of running a good
monitoring system on all your Perforce servers (and other servers.) We run
Zabbix so we have a nice historical record of CPU usage, disk usage, i/o, etc.
When something like this happens, checking Zabbix is usually the first thing I

If you catch your checkpoint in the throes of taking longer than usual, and
you're on a Unix-like system, 'iotop' and 'iostat' are two
things that are useful. Nine times out of ten this will likely be a busy disk
with high iowait due to other processes (as mentioned by Sambwise, backups are a
popular one) taking up resources.

Also, you're running this on an offline copy of your database, right? Not on
a live, running server ...?

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