[p4] Integrate deleted files since advanced options where removed

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Wed Mar 22 10:20:01 PDT 2017

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SimonX, on 2017/03/22 08:55:29 UTC, said:
>    If a history for deleted files were kept by p4 then p4 would know if the source branch version was integrated and then deleted. If the source branch version was not yet integrated then p4 would be right by integrating it.
There's an option to keep deleted files when making a new branch -- IIRC you
can use "-f" on either the "populate" or "copy"
command to force a "branch" of a deleted file.  

This is *only* useful if you're doing a lot of reparenting -- if you're
following the most standard/"best practices" model of integrating
between directly related branches you can never end up in that situation because
the target branch will always have already "seen" the deleted
file.  Outside of the frequent-reparenting case, branching deleted
files is just db bloat, which is why it's not done by default.

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