[p4] perforce prevents VS solution loading

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Wed Mar 22 18:55:01 PDT 2017

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Because your server is down every 10:00pm, it looks like a backup or Perforce
checkpoint is occurring.  Your company should set up offline
checkpoints or perform the backup later.  In the meantime, if your
company allows a distributed system, you can set up a personal server and
connect Visual Studio to this server.  Whenever you want to
synchronize your personal server with the master Perforce server, you can
"p4 push" your changes to the master server and "p4 fetch"
changes from the master server. 

In any case, use the latest P4VS and latest P4V.

If you have Perforce support, open a support ticket so we can give you
personalized attention and give you a faster response time.

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