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Thu Mar 23 22:35:01 PDT 2017

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Common, are you joking or serious about it?!

I clearly described the problem, and this behavior exists both in P4VS or P4
SCM. It's to say mildly outlandish to blame that these bugs are exposed by
something that's not extraordinary. Are you trying to say that companies
should plan and structure their activities and networks around bugs in P4
software? It's not a major earthquake or an act of god that server becomes
unresponsive, and I clearly state: your software MUST NOT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES
block Visual studio, even if there is no server, even if you work on a laptop
when there is bad connectivity, even if you are in a air-plain without any
connection, even if you drove into a garage and suddenly you are at 50% packet
loss. Period, no discussion. Do not tell me that there is something wrong with
my server, what I see now is just beyond unacceptable, I'm not looking for
workarounds: I could perhaps move server backups to 3am or something like that,
but the current situation is: THERE IS A MAJOR BUG, that has to be resolved by
P4, there should be no discussions about that. I don't care that you may
find it acceptable that your major tool (P4V) totally goes off the hook and
takes 100% cpu in a endless loop, but I cannot stress enough: I do not want your
buggy tools to block visual studio!

You say I didn't give enough information: well, I'm not going to debug
and produce backtraces and debug dumps for you, but I give more than enough
hints for any reasonable software developer to pickup and figure out that bug
infestation that's going on in P4VS and P4 SCM plugins: Any blocking network
call cannot be treated like it's going to return result immediately.
THAT'S IT. Any reasonable developer (if you still have some at all), can
build P4VS, go to networking code and in every blocking call add sleep(500ms) to
simulate 500ms delay of every network call. And then try to to use your software
that you say you tested. You won't be able to use this garbage, because
every time you try to edit a file it's going to block, your caret will
freeze, you keyboard input suddenly blocks completely, in short, you'll see
stuff that developers will never tolerate. If I had slightest choice, I'd
uninstall that kind of shit immediately and would never touch it with a long

JUST FIX THE BUG, let not discuss workarounds.

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