[p4] Best practice Stream for developing a feature

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Wed Mar 29 02:15:01 PDT 2017

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Well you can imagine several solutions, depending on your environment &

You could for instance use a Task Stream for your feature development; that
means you would not be able to create some dev streams from this stream. Once
the work is done and copied up to the main stream, you can unload your Task
stream, and if really useless, delete it after a while. You could even locate
your Task Stream in a separate streams depot, storing streams, provided you are
not interested in turning your Feature Task Stream into a dev stream (for any
good reason  :) )

You could also recycle your stream, once the job is done. You can change its
name, if need, and decide to work on another topic in the dev stream, even,
possibly, modifying its definition/mapping.

You could also play with your protection table, making your feature dev stream
unreadable by all users, when it is not needed anymore.

You see, there are multiple solutions (it is not a complete list of solutions,
for sure), depending on your needs/contrainst  :)

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