[p4] Find source changelist for a target changelist

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Wed Mar 29 05:40:01 PDT 2017

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Yup - "changes -i" shows all changes anywhere in the history of any of
the files (via integration records). Bit like following your DNA back through
your ancestors to Adam and Eve  :)

and the section "The history after the merge/integrate".

Perforce tracks merge history of individual files and individual revisions.
Commands like interchanges are an approximation only of the history (e.g.
consider case where you have only merged in 2 files from a changelist containing

For each revision in the range shown you have to find the source changelist
number (it is possible to integrate src#2,#5 into dest#3, meaning revisions
2,3,4,5 have been squashed into one revision on target. Each rev has a
changelist obviously.

So your original algorithm is pretty close.


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