[p4] Find source changelist for a target changelist

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Fri Mar 31 00:40:01 PDT 2017

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tanvirkazmi, on 2017/03/29 09:29:25 UTC, said:
>    1. Do a "p4 describe -s" of the destination changelist to identify all impacted files,
>   2. Do a "p4 filelog" on each entry found in previous describe to locate the latest contributing branch file version (from source branch)
>   3. Finally, do a "p4 changes" on each file to get the source changelist number from the source stream
I think you can pare the runtime down a good bit by starting with "p4
filelog @=CHANGE".  It might also be a little faster to do
"files -a" on the ranges to get the change numbers rather than
"p4 changes" (unless you need the other info that's in the changes
output but not the files output).

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