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Fri Mar 31 22:45:01 PDT 2017

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p4rfong, on 2017/03/28 17:13:52 UTC, said:
>    Hi Pablo,
>   I think I have a solution for you.
>   I was able to simulate the problem you see by locking the Perforce database (p4d -r . -c "sleep 120") and trying to connect with Visual Studio.  When doing so, Visual Studio 2017 Community version was completely locked up; I could not edit any files.  But when Perforce was down and disconnected, I could still edit files in Visual Studio.  So here is what you can do:
>   Before 10:00pm (and maybe early in the day)
>   1. Click "Checkout all in solution"
>   All you files will be opened for edit
>   2. File -> Close Connection to the Perforce Depot
>   3. Make changes to files and do your work.  You will not be locked out.
>   4. Wait until Perforce is no longer being backed up
>   5. File -> Open Connection to a Perforce Depot
>   6. Click the Refresh icon in Solution Explorer
>   7. Select your Solution
>   8. Right-click Submit
>   This should work for you.  Please try it and let us know if this works.
>   (By the way, Perforce supports distributed versioning similar to Git, so that would be an alternative solution, but your company has to turn on this option.)
Usually people don't plan for this kind of downtime, they just face it when
this happens and they are extremely pissed as they had to stay up till 10pm for
whatever reason and suddenly perforce blocks us for 16 minutes.
And then only acceptable workaround (while P4 fixes the bug) is to have a way to
unblock VS when it's being blocked by P4VS plugin. I guess disabling network
connection at this point may make P4VS fail on network request and offer to work
in offline mode (I didn't try that, as I usually do that remotely in the
evening and I cannot disable network). But honestly, I'd be super surprised
that this would be working that way in P4VS, as it feels that there was zero
testing done for any kind of unusual scenarios. I'd probably bet money that
it would either crash or keep hanging instead of unblocking.

This must be fixed on perforce side, as this is absolutely unacceptable that it
totally blocks VS: plugin should detect that something is wrong and offer me to
be working in disconnected mode. T

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