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Tue Jul 3 17:50:01 PDT 2018

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That's an interesting one.  Did the hundred or so files actually
get reverted?  Would the revert always revert a hundred files and then
hang, or after the first time did it hang without reverting
anything?  My guess would be that if it hung after 100 files it was
something specific to the 101st file rather than the number of files reverted,
which would mean that every successive attempt would be hanging on a different

As to why a particular file would be hanging, but only as part of a larger
revert, my guess would be that there was some cleanup that needed to happen on
that file (like something involving a move pair, or a shelf, or even a have
record) that because the file was in an unusual state required a db probe with
the reverted path as a filter (which means that it'd go a lot quicker if you
were reverting that file by itself as opposed to as part of a larger batch).

The way I'd try to diagnose exactly what was going on would be to run the
server with the -vdmc=5 (or some other N) flag to see if it dumps any helpful
logging.  I think -vdb=N might also give something
helpful.  At the end of the day, though, the exact diagnosis isn't
that helpful if you don't have access to the source to fix it.  If
you're trying to get a fix from the development team, sending a checkpoint
that reproduces the problem is probably the most expeditious way.

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