[p4] p4 reconcile -w -f and -//workspace/excludes/...

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Fri Jul 6 03:30:01 PDT 2018

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I'm trying to use "p4 reconcile -w -f" to clean a workspace in
between builds, and it's leaving behind some files that are not in the repo.

Assume a workspace like this, which excludes 'tests' directories to save
time and space:

//top/... //workspace/top/...
-//top/.../tests/... //workspace/top/.../tests/...

A build step causes the local creation of the following (note the
"/tests/" in the 2nd path):


Running "p4 reconcile -w -f" correctly removes


but leaves behind


Can anyone come up with a way to rewrite the
-//workspace/.../exclude/... or alter the clearup command such that
"p4 reconcile" actually deletes these temporary, uncontrolled

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