[p4] P4V spits out lots of "Slashes (/) not allowed in ' workspace//depot/stream' ." warnings

Michael Mirman Michael.Mirman at mathworks.com
Sun Jul 8 05:38:52 PDT 2018

This looks like something funny is going in p4v. Did you try to restart it or delete the .p4qt folder (See the location of the folder here: https://community.perforce.com/s/article/2911)

What happens if you try to delete changes from the command line (p4 change -d -c NNNN)?

Michael Mirman
MathWorks, Inc.

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As a new Perforce user, I ended up with a bunch of pending changelists which are
empty if opened using P4V. However any attempt to access information
(right-click) or expand a changelist in P4V results in this warning message:
Slashes (/) not allowed in 'workspace//depot/stream'.

At this point, I'd like to delete those changelists, however P4V prevents me
from doing this: when right-clicked, the warning dialog is displayed (btw
checking "Ignore additional errors for this command" doesn't help
suppressing the dialog) and after closing the dialog, right click doesn't
work anymore and I can't select menu to delete the changelist.

Looking for any advice on how to clean up this mess.

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