[p4] Acceptable to set up more than one free <5 user Helix server at same location?

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Mon Jul 16 11:15:01 PDT 2018

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I'm not a lawyer, but I always thought the EULA only applied to paying
customers (unless something has changed where you now need to sign the EULA to
download the free version).  The definitions at the start specify as
much, e.g.:

-  2. "Program(s)" shall mean the machine-readable object code of the
  computer software program or programs described in one or more price quotes
  issued by Perforce to Customer, including any additional Releases of such
  programs as are made available by Perforce to Customer from time to time.

I read that to mean that if you got the software by downloading it off the FTP
site and you never got a price quote or signed an eval agreement, none of this
is applicable and you can do whatever you like with it.

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