[p4] How to remove extra text when running p4 change -o

Dromedaries123 perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Tue Jul 17 10:55:02 PDT 2018

Posted on behalf of forum user 'Dromedaries123'.

I noticed that when I run p4 change -o <changelist#> that the output
always starts with a large block of text that looks like

'# A Perforce Change Specification.
Change:            The
change number. 'new' on a new changelist.
The date this specification was last modified.
Client:                The
client on which the changelist was created. Read-only.
#   User: .........'

and so on.

I would like to parse the useful information about my changelist, but I was
wondering if there is a tag or option or any way I can run the p4 change -o
command without getting the lengthy introduction text every time.


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