[p4] p4v can no longer open files using SlickEdit

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Thu Jul 19 12:05:01 PDT 2018

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I just upgraded p4v on two machines, one Windows and one Linux, from 2015
versions to the latest Helix labelled one, version 2018.2/166551. I have
SlickEdit set as the default editor in both, and in the Windows case this new
version now fails to open files using that. What I see is an hourglass cursor
for 8 seconds, then it goes back to the normal cursor and nothing more happens.

This happens if I right-click a file in the depot and select "Open" or
"Check out and Open", or if I select "Open With" and either
choose SlickEdit from the list, or browse to its location in Program Files.
Ditto if I double-click the file (the action for that being set to to check out
and open it or to open in preferred application if already checked out). And it
fails whether SlickEdit is already running or not.

This was working fine with the old version of p4v (2015.2/1312139). It works
fine to open files with SlickEdit in the new Linux version, and the new Windows
version works OK if I select programs other than SlickEdit to open the files (I
tried with CodeWright and BeyondCompare both of which work fine).

What I can do with the Windows p4v is to drag depot files and drop then into
SlickEdit - that does work. So this gives me a workaround for now, but it's
a bit annoying to have to keep doing that.

And in case it matters, I have SlickEdit Pro 2014.


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