[p4] Revert another user’s open files

David Yerkess perforce-user-forum at forums.perforce.com
Tue Jul 24 06:40:01 PDT 2018

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dave.foglesong, on 2018/07/23 19:02:01 UTC, said:
>    Are you running the latest build of p4d? The release notes show a fix in patch 2 for a bug that sounds like what you're describing:
>   Bugs fixed in 2018.1 Patch 2
>   ...
>   #1665779 (Bugs #92403, #95219) **
>   'p4 revert -C client' would fail to revert files in the target
>   workspace if that workspace was locked or specified a host other
>   than the one the command was run from. This has been fixed.
Thanks Dave, I didn't think about checking if a patch had been released. We
are indeed on patch 1.
It took us two years to decide to update the server and I don't think I can
get it updated again just for this fix.  :(

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