[p4] "Get These Revisions" of changelist with 1 file caused syncing 100, 000 files

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Thu Jul 26 10:20:01 PDT 2018

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I frequently use the “Get These Revisions” option in the Submitted
Changelist view to cherry pick a small change that someone else has checked in
when i know the change is fairly independent of other changes.  This
is a huge time saver since a full sync and build can take 30-40 minutes in our

Also when checking in a small fix I will recommend to others on the team to use
"Get These Revisions" as a way of quickly getting my fix without
having to incur the 30-40 minute penalty of a full sync and build.

Yesterday I checked in a change to one file, and went to a coworker's
machine, found my change in the Submitted Changes window, right clicked on it
and did "Get These Revisions" and a progress bar appeared showing that
it was syncing over 100,000 files.  I quickly cancelled, but it left
his machine in a bad state for the rest of the afternoon eventually requiring a
heavy-hammer, force resync of the entire project.  I was horrified
that what should have been a 30 second sync and build wasted so much time.

Perhaps I misunderstood what "Get These Revisions"
meant.  The only docs I could find about this online simply say:

To get the revision of all files in the changelist, right-click the changelist
and choose  Get These Revisions .  
My mental model is that it would be equivalent to right clicking on each of the
files within the changelist, going to the history view, right clicking on the
revision of that file which that CL brought the file up to, and doing "Get
this Revision".  So I don't understand how it's possible
that this operation on a 1-file changelist could have caused many files to
sync.   I have also heard anecdotal, yet vague, references from other
members of the team of the Get These Revisions feature wreaking havoc.

Why would "Get These Revisions" of a 1-file changelist sync 100,000
If this is not the recommended way of getting "just the revisions of just
the files in the changelist" then what is?

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