[p4] "Get These Revisions" of changelist with 1 file caused syncing 100, 000 files

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Fri Jul 27 11:25:02 PDT 2018

Posted on behalf of forum user 'mikecline'.

I discovered how to reproduce this problem.

The behaviour of this context menu option is different depending on whether you
are doing it from the  Submitted  tab versus the  History  tab.  Doing
it from the History tab is the one that starts messing with crazy numbers of
files (it's actually deleting them, not syncing)

When right clicking on CL 531167 from the Submitted tab and doing "Get
These Revisions" I get:
p4 sync -f --parallel=0 @531167, at 531167  This output of this command shows two
files being "refreshed" -- the two files in the changelist.

When right clicking on my project's name in the depot tree and then right
clicking CL 5311167 in the History tab, and donig "Get These
Revisions" I get:
p4 sync -f --parallel=0 //depot/MyProjectName/... at 531176   The output of this
command shows many hundreds and thousands of files being deleted, with each
output line in the format
//depot/MyProjectName/Path/To/Some/File deleted
Also, for what it is worth, other members on the team suggested that they find
it more trustworthy to use Get Revisions…” --> “Only get revisions for
files listed in changelist”, which issues a separate sync for each specific
path in the changelist:
p4 sync -f --parallel=0 //depot/MyProjectName/Path/To/Some/File at 531167, at 531167
{1 more items}   

-  Why should "Get These Revisions" behave differently between the
  History Tab and the Submitted changes tab?  This is totally
-  Why does syncing  //depot/MyProjectName/... at 531176  cause it to start
  deleting massive numbers of files whereas syncing   @531167, at 531167  seem to
  behave fine?

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