[p4] "Get These Revisions" of changelist with 1 file caused syncing 100, 000 files

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Fri Jul 27 13:45:01 PDT 2018

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Perhaps this is a bug and the developers intended the version in the history tab
to do

p4 sync -f --parallel=0 //depot/MyProjectName/... at 531176, at 531176  
instead of what it does now

p4 sync -f --parallel=0 //depot/MyProjectName/... at 531176   
I did some command line testing with "p4 sync -n -f" around this
(preview the operation without actually executing).  If using some
more specific path like so

p4 sync -f --parallel=0 //depot/MyProjectName/Some/Specific/Path... at 531176   
it will touch every file in /Some/Specific/Path regardless if CL 531176 contains
any changes which affect /Some/Specific/Path

Whereas if you use the syntax that I presume was intended:

p4 sync -f --parallel=0
//depot/MyProjectName/Some/Specific/Path... at 531176, at 531176   
it would sync only the files in that specific CL which are also in

Even if I'm correct about the intention, I don't really see the benefit
of reducing the scope of the sync operation to just the folder that is currently
selected.  It would be better to just "p4 sync -f --parallel=0
@531167, at 531167" just as the submitted changes window does.  Most
people, most of the time are not going to want to get half a changelist, as that
tends to cause problems.  (or if you insist that this is useful, and
the CL in question contains files outside of the restricted scope, it could pop
up another question dialog where you can choose  "all files from
531167" vs. "only files from 531167 that are under

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