[p4] "Get These Revisions" of changelist with 1 file caused syncing 100, 000 files

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Fri Jul 27 13:45:01 PDT 2018

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P4V's behavior is frequently an enigma to me, but this at least I can

mikecline, on 2018/07/27 18:20:28 UTC, said:
>    Questions:

> -  Why does syncing  //depot/MyProjectName/... at 531176  cause it to start deleting massive numbers of files whereas syncing   @531167, at 531167  seem to behave fine?

The first command will sync *all* files in the named path to the revision that
existed as of change 531176.  For most commands, when you use a single
revision specifier like @CHANGE it's specifying the end of a range, with the
implied beginning of the range being @1 (and for a command like sync, you then
get the latest revision that falls within that range) -- hence all files will be
affected, including files that did not exist yet as of that time (they will be

The second command uses a much narrower range that both starts and ends
(inclusively) with change 531176, so it will only match the revisions that were
created as part of change 531176.

If that doesn't make sense, compare the output of these three commands:

p4 files //depot/MyProjectName/... at 531176 p4 files
//depot/MyProjectName/... at 1, at 531176 p4 files
//depot/MyProjectName/... at 531176, at 531176 

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