[p4] p4 reconcile -w -f and -//workspace/excludes/...

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Tue Jul 31 02:45:01 PDT 2018

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(sorry for the delay, been on holiday)

> Can you add "3rdpartything" to your view, then?

The objective is to stop doing what I currently do:

rm -rf workspace/
p4 sync -f workspace/...

and use the reconcile tool instead, crucially without any assumed prior
knowledge about "3rdpartything".

This obviously isn't a developer machine use case, this is the
"repeatable formal build" use case, where I want to know beyond doubt
that the checkout is clean. I've been trying to set up something in Jenkins
using the perforce plugin, which uses commands like those above to reconcile -
and is definitely a whole lot faster than "rm -rf ; p4 sync -f" - but
unfortunately doesn't seem like it can be relied on.

I think I'm going to have to get the plugin to brute force the cleanup :-(

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